For the room Alle Tijd a double/twin for 2 persons, breakfast included, we ask a remuneration of EUR. 79,00

For the room De Onthaasting, with two beds, we ask a remuneration of Eur 69,00. We offer De Onthaasting also as a single room for Eur 57.50 per night (breakfast included). If you do not wish to have breakfast, the total will be EUR. 50.00 per night.

If you are staying for more than one night, please ask for our special rates!


4a) Family special

If you are looking for an alternative run-of-the-mill B&B, we offer you a homely atmosphere.    The entire B&B will be at your disposal with private entrance. In other words, the bathroom, living room, kitchen, private terrace/garden, and parking lot will be available to you. Weather permitting, we’ll be happy to put up an inflatable kids pool. Nearby there is a meadow where your kids can play football. For families of 4 persons (5 is possible after consultation) or 4 adults, we offer a 7 day family special (breakfast excluded). Arrival will be on Saturday afternoon and departure a week later, on Saturday morning. If other dates are available we can of course arrange different dates of arrival/departure. In addition it is possible to provide a nanny for the kids. We ask a remuneration of EUR. 599,00 for 7 nights (breakfast excluded).

4b) Midweek special

Our Midweek special runs from Monday until Friday (arrival and departure after consultation).This will give you ample time to explore the beautiful surroundings and fantastic museums in the area. Naturally, you are free to make use of all our maps and info charts. Bicycles are available for EUR. 7,50 per day. Of course we don’t want you to go hungry on your journey, so lunch we can also provide you with a lovely lunch (EUR 7,50 per head)! The midweek special comes at a rate of EUR. …… for 4 nights for 2 persons (breakfast included).

4c) Knapzakwandeltocht: Follows

4e) “Er even samen een avondje uit kinderoppas-arrangement”: Follows